Keep On Croaks (7)

“Hippety hippety hop

I croak like tears and down I go”

I thought of it, and why be so sad when the princess seems so glad? I’d better go back to my pond home and work on my croaks!

In the rain I go

Around the hills and below

Across the lane is so

At the pond, the jumbo bullfrog stared hard at me, almost ready to gave me big croak. But before he could bellow, I gave out my croak. I croaked about the woods, the beautiful world outside the pond. I croaked about being a prince and loving a princess. I croaked about wanting to croak but keeping still instead. I croaked of sadness that returned my croak.

The other frogs were astonished. They croaked harmoniously and welcomed me back to the pond and gave me back my favorite lillypad.

Till now I still croak. And I have decided, the next time I meet my princess, I will not only croak, but I will plant the kiss myself!

This is written for G30HM December challenge. This is the last day of fairy tale telling for G30HM and I enjoyed it very much. Maybe in the future I will make much more short stories like this 😀



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