Broken Croak (6)

“Hippety hippety hop

I need a better croak than he!”

But what would a better croak do, when the princess has already set heart on this other frog? Her beautiful eyes glowing beautifully as they look at each other. She smiled and planted a little kissed on the spotted frog.

The frog than transformed into a prince and hand in hand walked with the princess.

Oh my, oh my, my princess is now with another frog! And it is all because of one croak. Oh my oh my, I know frogs shall not cry but…


Oh my oh my, and now my croak is back! What irony!

This is written for G30HM December challenge. Today the fake frog feels very sad. Because of very very much sadness, it awakens his croak again. Sometimes life is like that. You get shit as a wake up call. But sometimes you weep and croak, or sometimes you just weep. What kind of reaction for what is given to us, is an option that is up to us.



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