Not My Croak (5)

“Hippety hippety hop

I try and try to croak for she”

These days, I have became not only as called “galau”, I became an as called stalker. Day after day, I watch the beautiful princess live her life.

How gracefully she combs her hair.

How lightly she laughs to small jokes.

How heartily she smiles.

Oh my how I would like to croak her name!

But as hard as I try, still no croak came to my throat. I only can try and try and hope that magically my croak will come to stay.

One day, I forced my croak again and I was very surprised when a triumphant “Croak!” came to my ears. But when I tried again, why did it not come out again? I am confused!

Then I realized, the croak was not from me, but from another frog! A green spotted frog, and to my fears, his croak has grabbed the princess’s attention! My heart sank low, joining my missing croak.

Oh how would I like to croak her name.

This is written for G30HM December challenge. I wrote green spotted frog, but I drew a brown spotted frog. My bad.


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