Lessons of Croak (4)

“Hippety hippety hop

Me like more croak for me”

One day I could not take it anymore. I forced my self to croak. Oh how unhappy I felt to force a croak. What pain it caused in my troat. How shameful it feels not to know why to croak. But stubbornly, I tried again to croak, but then a pretty voice called out at me.

“Dear little frog, oh little frog,

Can you do or can you not give a croak?”

I looked up and down stared at me the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. I may have no croak in my throat, but I’m sure my heart gave one. Oh my, oh my, this must be a princess! But alas! I have no croak! How can I answer her question? How can I reply those sweet words?

The beautiful princess stared at me, and still no croak! Oh my do I need some croak right now!

She could wait no longer. She shrugged then left me there standing helplessly. Still with no croak.

“Hippety hippety hop

How I would like to croak her name!”

This is written for G30HM December challenge. This time the frog is having much much more trouble in his life. Even meeting a beautiful princess is troublesome! Have you ever experienced something like that? Because one thing went wrong, all other things goes downhill? Oh poor froggie, y u no croak?



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