Why You Croak (2)

“Hippety hippety hop

A croak’s life for me!”


I was surprisedd. Suddenly beside me sat a big bullfrog. His eyes bulging as he scanned me, and then he let out a big deep croak,

“Why you croak?”

I was confused. I don’t understand the question from this jumbo bullfrog. What does it mean? Do I need a reason to croak? I just sat there, stunned and wild eyed. Because I kept silence, again he asked,

“Why do you croak!”

My webby feets became calmy. Oh no? Should I be answering? Should I croak to answer why I croak? Now, because I kept silence, the bullfrog became inpatient and the croaked out,

“If you no reason to croak, no more croak for you!”

Then from bushes, lilly pads, puddles, hopped out thousands and thousands of frogs. They all croaked in their ugly but harmonious sound. It all became one croak, and suddenly I became ashamed of my croak.

Hippety hippety hop

Oh no more croak’s life for me…. 😦

This is written for G30HM Desember challenge. It is still related with the post yesterday “Just Croak”



4 thoughts on “Why You Croak (2)

  1. tah etaaa!! there’s a reason behind something, even for a croak! so don’t do “i can croak whatever and whenever I want to” can’t wait for another story, love! ^^

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