Terimakasih Penonton!

Lagu ini dipersembahkan untuk gwa sendiri. Jangan lupa untuk menghormati acaranya, peristiwanya, kehebohannya, sorak sorai, dan ingatlah bahwa itu hanya satu di antara pertunjukan lainnya, dan asal tahu jangan lelah penonton karena akan ada pertunjukan-pertunjukan berikutnya. Take a bow!

Take a bow the night is over this masquerade is getting older. Lights are low, the curtains down, there’s no one here. Say your lines but do you feel them?Do you mean what you say when there’s no one around. Watching you watching me, one lonely star! (you don’t know where you are)

I’ve always been in love with you. I guess you’ve always known it’s true. You took my love for granted why oh why. The show is over say goodbye….

Wish you well, I can not stay. You deserve a reward for the role you play.

say goodbye…..

How was I to know the way the story goes?




lanjut! Karena….

“for you love was a game, for me love is losing game….”

-Kolaborasi Madonna (take a bow) dan Amy Whinehouse (love is a loosing game)-


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